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The Observatory for Sustainable Development Policies

The Observatory for Sustainable Development Policies, in particular policies forming part of the Lisbon Strategy, was created in the framework of the ESC in early 2006.

The operation of the Observatory is inseparable from and a continuation of the ESC's opinion-delivering task. The ESC believes that it must clearly formulate its positions on implementing the Lisbon Strategy in Greece, and also on means and policies for sustainable development. Thus the creation of the Observatory constitutes an expression of the will of all the social forces represented in the ESC for decisive intervention in relation to the reform process. The basic goals of its operation are systematic monitoring of the developments taking place in the Greek economy and society and evaluating the effects of reform actions and policies on competitiveness, human resources and employment, social cohesion and the environment on the basis of the principle of sustainability.Since the operation of the Observatory marks a constant process, the results of the evaluations and proposals that have emerged or will emerge embody and serve the social dimension as a driving force for productivity and growth.

Cooperation with the research staff of the social partners is a basic precondition for the success of the whole venture, as it guarantees the know-how, research support and constructive dialogue necessary for such undertakings.